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Bankruptcy Traps, part 1
Guest: Michelle Novick from Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr

Bankruptcy Traps, part 2
Guest: Josh Eppich from Bonds, Ellis, Eppich, Schafer, Jones

MCA Advances
Guest: Marc Mellman from MCA Stacking Solutions LLC

The Bankruptcy Plan
Guest: Maris Kandestin from McDermott, Will, Emory

DIP Financing
Guest: Mike Fussel from Aegis Financing

The Company Decides to File
Guest: Kim Lynch from Forman Holt

The Bankruptcy Petition
Guest: Areya Arzuada from Holder Law

Operating Under the Bankruptcy
Guest: Machir Stull from Jackson Walker

What Changed For the Company
Guest: Jason Manfrey from Fox Rothschild

Contracts and Court Meetings
Guest: Joe Marshall from Marshall Law

Working in Bankruptcy
Guest: Marcus Helt from McDermott, Will, Emory

How Did It Go for your Company?
Guest: Anonymous from Client for filed for bankruptcy