Episode 5: The Plan

Caution to the Listener: We recommend you seek professional counsel before deciding if Bankruptcy is the only or best option for your company.

Welcome to Corporate Bankruptcy A to Z, a show designed to educate you on the ins and outs and the dos and don’ts of corporate bankruptcy. On this show, you will hear experts from every step of the bankruptcy process answer the questions that you will need to know, from the simple to the complex.

Email your questions for the experts to neil@elementarybusiness.com and to sravin@saul.com Their door is always open and they will respond.

Maris Kandestin focuses her practice on bankruptcy and restructuring, with an emphasis on debtor-side, complex Chapter 11 representations. In addition to representing companies in Chapter 11, she represents equity holders, secured lenders, and other creditors and parties in interest. Maris also represents foreign representatives in Chapter 15 proceedings and advises clients in connection with out-of-court restructurings. Call her at 302 485 3940 or email Mkandestin@mwe.com if you have any questions.

Do you have any concerns about the bankruptcy process and how it will impact your business? Why not ask the experts? Feel free to reach out to Neil or Steve with your questions and you may even hear them answered in the mail bag. Be sure you subscribe the podcast and please consider leaving a 5 star review. New episodes air, every other Tuesday.

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