Episode 6: How to Pick a Lawyer

Caution to the Listener: We recommend you seek professional counsel before deciding if Bankruptcy is the only or  best option for your company.

Email your questions for the experts to neil@elementarybusiness.com and to sravin@saul.com. Their door is always open and they will respond.

Kim Lynch of Forman Law, focuses her practice in the field of bankruptcy law and represents trustees, fiduciaries, and debtors in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy cases. Ms. Lynch has successfully represented clients in Chapter 11 corporate cases involving real estate, trucking, manufacturing, retailing and internet services industry. In many of these cases, she resolved complicated lien issues, resulting in the client’s successful reorganization. Call her at 201-845-1000 or email klynch@formanlaw.com.

Host Information:

Neil Goldstein (AKA the Workout Guy) is the founder of Elementary Business inc. a specialized consulting firm for distressed businesses and entities in transition. Mr. Goldstein works closely with owners to structure improvements in both operations and finances. With many successes in his portfolio, Mr. Goldstein focuses on the needs of the owner to achieve results in profitability, sale of the company or finding a partner for growth.

05:11 – Is Bankruptcy a complex matter
07:42 – Are the Bankruptcy rules and laws the same in every state?
11:18 – Interviewing law firms. How to choose the best one
13:36 – How the client processes answers to their questions
15:04 – How important are personal feelings when selecting a bankruptcy attorney
16:03 – Are there lawyers who are considered the best one?
17:51 – How to select the best attorney
18:20 – The cost to file the bankruptcy petition
18:52 – Is a sole practitioner at a disadvantage?
21:25 – The different components of a bankruptcy and costs
23:37 – Billing by bankruptcy attorneys
24:35 – How can a company afford to pay attorneys
25:48 – What if the company cannot afford to pay attorneys
27:39 – Can the attorney help to resolve hard disputes
29:20 – What is a creditor does not want to accept a restructuring plan
31.28 – Litigation in an out of court restructuring plan
32:42 – Avoid new lawsuits when advising them the company is in distress
34:52 – Forbearance agreements
36:54 – Is Arbitration the law?
37:31 – Closing thoughts
49:48 – Overtime

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